Women Pay the Price.

Jan 24 2011

The Irish people have a right to be mightily peeved about the economic situation the country finds itself in.
No doubt that all over the tiny island families are in economic crises because Bertie Ahern, his family and friends ran the country to suit themselves, and then when things went pear shaped, they scampered, leaving the hapless Brian Cohen and his merry band of men to try unsuccessfully to unscramble the mess. They were not up to the task. Ireland's political fathers have failed them.
In 2009 when we were in Ireland writing our book the economic collapse was in its embryonic stages and guess who was taking all the pain? Not the bankers who lent money willy nilly to all and sundry without regard for ability to pay. Not the politicians who failed to monitor the situation and steer the country away from disaster. Not the developers who made a fortune out of the boom times. None of these. It was the teachers, nurses and lower level public servants who took the pay cuts and job losses. By and large the women had to pay!
Exactly the same happened to the hapless Hoare family. When all around him crashed Stuart made sure that it was the women in his family who paid the price.