Who hears the children cry?

Feb 15 2011
Who hears the children cry?

Talking about society's failure to protect abused children ( 'Herald Sun, Tuesday, 15th February,2011') radio talk back king, Neil Mitchell says "there's one horribly convenient fact about abused children: nobody can hear them cry".
Poor Aunty Shirley was shocked when she read the tragic ending to our book and couldn't understand how 'two such nice people like Elsie and Graeme could even imagine such a horrible scenario'.
The simple fact is that we didn't have to imagine anything. Every day, the world over horrible things are happening to children - because people in authority stand by and allow it to happen; because the adults in their life betray them; because the authorities turn a blind eye; because society finds it all too hard to deal with.
Our readers become so engrossed in the lives of Stuart and Jennifer Hoare, taking one side or the other in the family breakup, that he/she is apt to overlook the real victims in all of this, the children. In the end, it is the children who suffer most and that shocks us.