What a difference a day makes!

Oct 8 2010

Hey, just when you think the business of publishing a book is getting you down, suddenly the grey clouds part and the sparkly rainbow appears.
We have been offered a deal with a distributor! This means ‘Lover Husband Father Monster’ will be available through the established bookstores and retail outlets. There is paper work and sorting out to do, but we are thrilled with this fantastic opportunity from a company that has developed its business over 20 years and now distributes for 125 publishers.
Once the details are completed, we will let you know all about them and how it will work. We believe the book is a good read, and all we have wanted was for people to be given the chance to get a copy, read it, hopefully enjoy it, and then have plenty to think about after they have finished the last page. Believe us, it does that to you. As well as the setting of the book in Ireland – and even the background as to how we went over there to research and write it – it examines a theme that is universal. That is, the pressure on a marriage that leads to its collapse and tragic ending.
We will keep you posted as things unfold. What a difference a day makes!