Truth is really stranger than fiction! Bayside Literary Festival 2011

May 22 2011

Yesterday we had a very successful book signing at Dymocks, The Pines, in Doncaster East where we met some avid readers who can think of nothing better than a winter's afternoon in front of the fire with a good book.
Today, we took advantage of one of the many offerings flung up by the Bayside Literary Festival 2011, Stranger than Fiction.
Host Rochelle Jackson is the daughter of a cop and with the inside knowledge that accompanies that spoke with enthusiasm and conviction about the low life in Australia's jails that is the underworld. They all have different tales to tell, but, she assured us, the one thing they do have in common is irrefutable. They are all nasty buggers, not nice at all. She knows because she has written several books on the characters she talks about and has met many of them. 'They are definitely not types you would like to meet on a dark night in a lonely alleyway,' she said.
Martin Ploughman specialised in the study of UFO's, not exactly the objects themselves, but more especially the people who see them, and their reactions and beliefs. 'UFO spotters in the West tend to see them as a government conspiracy or coverup,' Martin told us, 'whereas people in other countries believe that they have some spiritual connection to their ancestors and things that have gone before.' What does Martin think? He says that the very acronym says it all. 'They are Unidentified Flying Objects because they are identifiable, what more can I say?' he asked.
The presentation that had us all sitting on the edges of our seats was that from Keith Bulfin, one time prison inmate and double agent. He told us, without notes, the terrifying situation he found himself in when he agreed to become a go-between for the American Intelligence and a Mexican Drug Cartel. It all ended in a shoot out and that is where his story begins. I bought the book!
What I am trying to say is that all authors are willing to give their time and expertise to ensure that their book, their baby, is in the public domain and given a chance to be read.