A Trip Down Memory Lane

Nov 21 2012

I have just finished reading two of your books. Lover Husband Father Monster and Our Little Town. I enjoyed reading them both although must admit to approaching the final pages of Lover Husband Father Monster with trepidation as I had an inkling of what was to come. However continued on and found it was so well done it was not the trauma - to me- as I thought it might be.
Loved reading 'Our Little Town' as it was a real trip down memory lane. We still see Turtle as you can imagine.
I can remember a friend of ours, Peter Tuck from Trafalgar who was staying with us at the time, coming home from a trip in town in hysterics. They had met Tyrtle who greeted Len with 'G'day Lurker' and Len answering 'G'day Turtle'.
We couldn't understand why he found it so amusing. Len acquired the name 'Lurker' from a sports report.
.....and McAinch lurking in the back line. I always thought Turtle earned the name for the speed with which he played football.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and remembering the folks we knew.