Third Book in Triology Released 'The Aftermath." We find out what happened next.......

Dec 7 2015
Third Book in Triology Released 'The Aftermath." We find out what happened next.......

At last the third book in the trilogy – Lover Husband Father Monster, is on the streets and ready to download. It completes the story of a love that went wrong and when it did, what happened.
Book ONE "Her Story" Book TWO His Story and now,we have Book THREE 'The Aftermath.'
This psychological thriller will keep you enthralled from the beginning to its dramatic conclusion.
In Books One and Two, the story is told in two voices – his and hers.
Stuart is a successful businessman, the family live in an upmarket Dublin suburb and the children attend good schools. Jennifer, previously a successful environmental lawyer, is an ‘at-home’ mother who is a slave to her family’s needs. Although unhappy in the marriage, Jennifer endures because all sense of self has been destroyed and she has nowhere to go.
We leave Book TWO with Stuart standing arms outstretched in a trancelike state on a motorway flyover while his young daughter, Molly lays below amid a pile-up of cars.
The rock has been thrown into the pond and the ripples are immediate and immense, affecting and changing forever the lives of close family and friends.
The story unfolds as we travel alongside the major players and discover how their lives are changed forever.
What happened next?
Does Molly survive?
If Stuart did it, did he mean to do it?
Will the law extract a price or will he escape conviction?
Will Jennifer and her lover make a life together?. What of other family members and friends, how will they cope?
The story is told in many voices.
The case captures the attention of the whole of Ireland who are fascinated by how an apparently privileged and well to do family can be caught up in a situation where a father appears to commit the unspeakable crime.