Things I learnt on our Indian Odyssey

May 30 2013
Things I learnt on our Indian Odyssey

India is the cradle of civilization. Hinduism is the oldest belief system going back to thousands of years before Christ. It is not a religion as such, but a way of life. 80% of Indians are Hindu.

India is still primarily a rural economy. 70% of Indians live in the country. It is the second largest sugar producer in the world.

There are 1.2 Billion people in India and the average age is under 30 years, so the future looks very good if the wealth is shared.

Indian food is varied and delicious. It is always spicy but is not necessarily chili hot. Indians eat with their hands using their naan bread to scoop their food. Try it, it makes a curry taste even better.

Indian women are beautiful and their saris are fabulous.

India has some of the oldest and grandest buildings in the world.

India has the best hotels in the world.

Many Indians believe that education is what will make them great as a nation and they are prepared to work long and hard to give their children opportunities they did not themselves enjoy.

Travel socks don’t get any easier to put on as you get older!

And I ask

Why do some Englishmen think that it is perfectly OK to speak in loud voices about India and Indians in a superior derogatory tone in front of the staff? And give orders as if the Raj still rules?