Things go from bad to worse in Ireland

Nov 20 2010
Things go from bad to worse in Ireland

Ireland is bringing Europe to the brink and I am sure the Irish Government, the Irish bankers and the ordinary Irish people do not all view the financial meltdown in the same manner. Ultimately it is the common people who suffer. Even though they may have taken part in the hooley that was the Celtic Tiger, it was not of their making.
Let's put the blame where it really lies - the excessive and unfettered lending by the banks and financiers and the poor government regulation. It seems unfair that the innocent suffer, but that is what happens.
In the nineties the Irish economy was booming and the Irish people were enjoying the rewards. In all of its colourful history Ireland had never enjoyed times like these before; it seemed it was always the poor relation in that part of the world. For centuries the people had kept their heads down, worked hard and partied when they got the chance. Along came the good times and they truly enjoyed it as they watched their house prices and therefore their personal wealth sky-rocket. But it wasn't real and it didn't last. Now they suffer and it looks like they will suffer even more. Things aren't going to get better in a hurry.
Lover Husband Father Monster is a novel set in Ireland in early 2009 against the backdrop of the crash. The story of the Hoare's ultimately disastrous marriage mirrors Ireland at the time. It went from good days when things were seemingly perfect, times of birth and plenty, trying times caused by outside influences, collapse and tragedy.
It is told in two voices - his and hers, underlining the point that events are not always seen in the same way by all who participate.