Tassie Has It All

Jul 1 2011

Little Tasmania, perched precariously in the Southern Ocean with only the underpinnings of the Tasman Bridge preventing it from sailing south to Antarctica, has absolutely everything going for it.
The place is bloody terrific. This week we have traversed it from east to west and from south to north. We are in awe at its beauty and majesty, its pristine environment with its clear running streams, clean air and crisp winter days.
I have seen and wondered at the mountains of Norway, the Highlands of Scotland and the American Rocky Mountains, but none of these beautiful places compare with the Tasmanian Highlands. They are rugged, they are wild, they are awesome and they have not been stripped of their natural vegetation.
Previously I considered that perhaps one of the prettiest coastlines in the world was the Ring of Kerry, but today I immersed myself in the drive up the east coast, looking across Great Oyster Bay to Freycinet National Park. And the Ring, although beautiful, cannot compete. Freycinet is everything and more. The more being that it is not mostly obscured by rain and mist, and when you emerge from the car to look, you are not almost blown off your feet.
Tasmania is about as big as Ireland, as rugged as Scotland, and as pristine as no other place on earth.
Thank you to all our Tassie cousins who stood up in the 70s and 80s and demanded that Tasmania be allowed to remain one of the most unspoilt places on the earth. They did the world a huge service.
Let's keep it that way.