A Small Piece of Britain in the middle of an Ocean

Jun 23 2014
A Small Piece of Britain in the middle of an Ocean

It was not certain whether we would be able to visit the Falklands as it was entirely reliant on the weather. The harbour is not always open. It is very isolated and the conditions can be fierce.
The fact that, in the 1980', Britain had to motor at full speed for three weeks to get to the Falklands to fight a battle for possession has always puzzled me.
How can it belong to them if it is that far away?
Why would they want it?
Surely Argentina is only across the river and it is Argentinian?
What is there anyway?
It was all explained when I got there.
The people of the Falklands think they ARE British. It is a little patch of England transported to one of the most remote places in the world. The houses are British, the language is British and the people speak with a British accent.
PLUS there are no Argentinians there. They are NOT allowed.
It's a great place for a British base.
It is very a very quaint place to keep an eye on all those volatile South Americans.