Review (Herald Sun Newspaper, Sat , 26th March, 2011) COUPLE RIDES THE ROLLER COASTER OF LIFE.

Mar 28 2011

This review was published last Saturday. We are very happy at the verdict "engrossing". Here is the transcript of the text.

Family dysfunction has been told thousands of times through biographies and fiction.
But in ‘Lover Husband Father Monster’, Melbourne’s Elsie and Graeme Johnstone have captured the different aspects of human weakness in a gripping, emotion-charged story.
While house-sitting in Ireland, the Johnstones researched and wrote an unforgettable story about Jennifer and Stuart, an Irish couple who ride the rollercoaster of life.
The story is told in two voices, as Jennifer and Stuart reveal their inner thoughts. Jennifer talks about her exciting university lifestyle at Cambridge, where she fell in love with Tommy and makes a choice that haunts her for life. Stuart is depicted as a grumpy control freak who marries Jennifer and turns her life into a living hell. Jennifer’s solace is her three beautiful children, her alternative circle of friends and an affair on Facebook, which becomes a channel to re-live her past through passionate sex.
The story exposes the human flaws that can lead to family breakdown - lust, jealousy, pride and anger.
The climax is chilling.

- Julie Tullberg, Herald Sun, Melbourne