Revenge Attack - Father Jailed for Killing Toddler

Jul 6 2011

Ramazan Kerem Acar, 24, stabbed his daughter to death last November after he had posted this message on his Facebook page. ''Bout 2 kill ma kid. Pay bk u slut".
In sentencing Justice Elizabeth Curtain described his actions as ''chilling and horrific", carried out by a jealous, spiteful and revengeful man.
''The victim was your infant daughter and she was killed by the one man in the world whose duty it was to love, nurture and protect her,'' Justice Curtain told Acar. ''As such, your conduct was a fundamental breach of the trust that reposes between parent and child; a fundamental breach of a parent's most fundamental obligation.
''Further, you committed this murder for the worst possible motives: revenge and spite. You killed your daughter to get back at her mother. You used your daughter, an innocent victim, as the instrument of your overarching desire to inflict pain on your former partner.''
Adrian Lowe, "Melbourne Age," July 2, 2011