Queensland is a great place to do a writer's tour!

Jun 27 2011
Queensland is a great place to do a writer's tour!

We had been to Queensland many times because it is the best place for a family holiday. There is so much to do and the weather is as they say, 'beautiful one day, perfect the next.'
However, we had always stayed in the tourist spots near the beaches at Surfers Paradise, the Sunshine Coast and in and around Cairns.
This time, we visited other places and were thrilled with what we saw and experienced.
A stand out was truly our couple of days in the Glass House Mountains staying at the GlassHouse Ecolodge under Mount Tibrogargan.
The Glass House Mountains were named by Captain James Cook and are so called because the shapes of the mountains reminded him of the huge glass furnaces of his childhood in his native Yorkshire. In fact, they are actually the lava plugs of long extinct vocanos,the sides of which have been weathered away over millions of years. Amazing!
We enjoyed a long and happy chat with Richard Lancaster on Radio Redcliffe (99.7 FM) and met and talked to some very interesting people at Mary Ryan's Bookshop in Milton.
We were lucky enough to spend an extra day and a half in the Sunshine State courtesy of the Chillean Volcano ash that grounded all flights in and out of Melbourne and the southern states for days.
It was great! We hired a car and went down to Byron Bay. Now there's an interesting and colourful place!