The Playmakers - Did Shakespeare Really Write that Stuff?

Dec 29 2014
The Playmakers - Did Shakespeare Really Write that Stuff?

About ten years ago, Graeme and his old mate, Kevin Heeney got together to write a novel about a conspiracy theory that has long been denied.
If Shakespeare did not write all the material attributed to him, then who did?
There are many things about Bill Shakespeare that don't quite ring true.
1. He never travelled outside of Britain. Those journeys he did within the confines of the island were limited to a few places. Much of his material was sourced in Europe.
2. He was a man of limited education and certainly not a man of letters as the sonnets attributed to him would indicate.
3. In life he was a theatre producer and manager of thespians. His role was to put the plays on, not write them! When would he had have the time?
The fledgling novel won an award at the South Australian Writers Festival and was published in Britain by a small publishing company called BeWrite. It has since gone out of business and as a result the novel became unavailable.
So Graeme has spent the last couple of months republishing it on Create Space and making it available on Amazon and on eBook. Keep an eye out for it.