Now for Some Acting Lessons!

Apr 8 2011

At present we are organizing our Writers' Tour of Australia which we will begin in June. We are happy to go almost anywhere as long as it fits into our schedule, so feel free to request that we speak to your club or community group.
In the meantime we are providing readings for service clubs and the like. We did one earlier in the week for the Sunshine Branch of Rotary International, an interesting club because many of the members travel across town to the weekly meeting which is a lunchtime gathering. They do this because they have previously worked in the area and enjoy the company of the people they have met along the way. On Monday we are travelling up to Deniliquin for a joint Rotary Lions Clubs Meeting. We look forward to the road trip and hope the glorious weather holds up.
Learning from our mistakes and moving right along, to quote a couple of common truisms we have honed our introduction, left out all the Irish gags and now primarily concentrate on the readings from our book, he says, she says.
The result is a much more comprehensive and entertaining presentation, not unlike a miniature play in two voices.
Now all I have to do is to get my eldest daughter to give me some drama lessons. She is good at those things and I could do with some help.