Ma's Garden - New Novel for Elsie Johnstone

Apr 5 2012
Ma's Garden - New Novel for Elsie Johnstone

I am excited because the novel I have spent the last 18 months working on is about to be published. At present it is with Shelley, our talented cover designer, and as soon as she is finished we will be ready to go.
The title may sound like it is a gardening book but that is not the case.
Ma's Garden is a metaphor for new beginnings, growth and development.
In fact the novel is the story of twelve months in the lives of three women and their families who live in a small country in Australian town at the turn of the 20th century. Ethel (Ma) is married to Chris who has just started a country newspaper. Annie is the wife of a farmer who has recently taken up land and Maggie is a forward thinking blacksmith's wife. It gently explores their lives, loves, hopes and aspirations and those of the townspeople with whom they live in this time and place.