Making Lover Husband Father Monster into eBook Format

Aug 28 2011

We promised ourselves that we would devote this twelve months to promoting our book ‘Lover Husband Father Monster,’ and as 2011 enters its final trimester, we can happily say that we have done that so far. We have travelled all over Oz doing radio interviews and book signings, spoken to many service clubs and done our best to launch our baby into the big bad world.
Before we leave it to sink or swim on its merits, we have decided as one last effort, to enter the digital age and make an eBook out of it.
‘How do you go about this?’ we asked our son who had just published his own eBook, 'Aquatic Grunge by Chris Johnstone'.
'Easy Mum, use Smashwords!'
Oh dear, it sounded a bit out there for us!
Any way, he convinced us that it was the way to go and we promised to explore it.
He had used Smashwords and was happy with the service they provide and very pleased with the final result. As a first time author, he was delving into the unknown, so it was a sharp learning curve for him, but he generously shared his knowledge and away we went.
It is recommended that eBooks be about 50 thousand words in length and our book was twice this length. We solved this by dividing it in half. Lover Husband Father Monster is a novel in two voices, his and hers, so it lent itself to this arrangement. We made Book 1, her story and Book 2, his story. To eradicate the cost differential we have decided to made the Her Story free, and sell His Story at the nominated price.
To do this we needed two new covers and who better to do it than Shelley Schadowsky. She had done Aquatic Grunge for Chris and I was most impressed. The cost is $150 per cover and we believe that this is excellent value. She is working on this project at the moment.
Perhaps the most valuable things he told us was to use one of the Smashwords recommended formatters, rather than spend hours doing it ourselves. For two hours work at $25 per hour we got the same Shelley to prepare the manuscript in Smashwords format. Chris had Shelley do his, so we knew she was good. This is what she does all the time so she will get it right. We could have spent days or even weeks to-ing and fro-ing with the dastardly thing! Believe me, this is one of the best fifty dollars we had ever spent!
Pricing an eBook is a vastly different process from pricing a normal hard copy. The recommendation is that the price be set between $2.99 per copy and $5.99, so we will wait for Shelley’s ideas on this matter before we set a price.nd so we wait before we can proceed further. I will let you know how we get on as we proceed.
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