Lover Husband Father Monster

Aug 19 2010

Marriage is a beautiful, precious institution. It is also very fragile. Elsie and Graeme Johnstone’s story shows how a series of events can shatter a relationship.

Lover Husband Father Monster traces the fragmentation of a well-intentioned marriage through to its irretrievable breakdown and chilling ending.

Set in Ireland and told in two voices - his and hers – it tells the story of Jennifer and Stuart, who meet at a time when they both feel marriage and parenthood has all but passed them by.

Stuart is a reliable insurance salesman lacking confidence with women. Jennifer is a bright, pretty lawyer, left emotionally scarred by her first boyfriend.

They have three children and appear, to the outside world, to be a happy, carefree family.

However, things are not as they seem. Stuart appoints himself as the captain of the ship whose orders must always be followed. He dictates how Jennifer looks, dresses and behaves, his tyrannical behaviour worsening as his successful business is threatened by the collapse of the Irish economy.

Jennifer finds comfort amongst her circle of Buddhist and like-minded friends on the internet.
An innocent Facebook link-up with her first lover, Tommy, leads to cyber sex, romance and

When an angry Stuart stumbles across their treachery, Jennifer is to learn that breaking free
from a controlling husband will be more painful than she could ever have imagined. He wants
to hurt his wife in a way she will never forget. And he does.

This is a story that stays with the reader long after the book is finished.

Lover Husband Father Monster is available for order at any Angus & Robertson store,
Australia wide.