Life is a Series of Choices

Jan 14 2011
Life is a Series of Choices

Life is a series of choices, each one the building block that leads to new and subsequent choices. A good decision often opens the way for more and better options, and conversely, the same applies. When Jennifer chose to begin dialogue on Facebook with her former lover she opened a can of worms , the consequences of which she could never have imagined. Many people suffered because of her decision.
Education is the process through which a young mind is taught to think, consider and research, but there is also a thing called ‘common sense’ and no amount of education can make up for the lack of it. Perhaps Jennifer should have taken heed of her friend Wendy’s advice and thought more before she headed down that road. Certainly, in the end Stuart’ impulsive act of bastardry changed the lives of everyone around him.
I am thinking about these things because today Graeme and I have been married for 39 years. We met in a little country town in the middle of nowhere where I was teaching and he was helping his parents put a weekly newspaper together. We instantly clicked, took each other’s hands and headed down life’s road together.
What keeps two people together and in accord with each other for almost four decades? The simple answer may be that we made a good choice. The more complex answer is that Lady Luck was on our side we have been blessed with good health, the ability to provide for our family without worry and a good natured trust in other people and the future.
All these things came from the lottery of birth, our good hard working parents who taught us to trust in each other and in the future.