It was a grand read. I read it over two days. I just simply couldn't put it down.

Oct 27 2010

I am an Irish Australian having lived here since the early seventies. I heard about your book from my daughter's friend and picked it up at Dimmocks in Southland yesterday. I read all night and have finished it. Now I just need time to reflect and to go back and compare the two voices. Even though I recognise that Jenny is a bit of a flipperty jibbert, I haven't much sympathy for Stuart. He is not a nice man.
Thanks for setting it in the streets of my childhood - Blackrock and Dalkey. My father was the lighthouse keeper at Dun Laoghaire, so I grew up there and still have family living in the area.
My only critisism would be that from my experience Irish mothers are called Mammy, you have settled for Mam. You have the Da right though.
Thanks for a great read.
Anne Warren, Chelsea, Victoria, Australia