An Irish analogy?

Oct 15 2010

Make no mistake about it, Lover Husband Father Monster tackles a dark subject in one of the darker period of Ireland's seemingly ever-unfortunate history.
Drawing on the Irish-psyche and broader socio-economic factors such as the boom then inevitable fall of the economy, the influence of the Catholic and Protestant Churches and the English/Irish dichotomy, the book narrows in on a single relationship between husband and wife, dissecting who is to blame when a tragedy occurs, noticeably much like the Irish state itself.
Structurally written in two voices by a husband and wife team, it is a compulsive read that will make you go back to compare the two sides of a story in a search for the truth.
The authors clearly know Ireland and the Irish, and excel in their portrayal of family relations, not only between man and wife, but between the extended family, friends, and the occasional meddling Buddhist guru.
This book would be excellent as reading material for a Book Club as many questions niggle at the reader long after reading the final page. Where did this marriage go wrong? Could anything have prevented how it ended? And is there any hope for Ireland, depressed both economically and spiritually?
An excellent, if not gloomy, exposal of the fragility of life and society and a well recommended read.
Eloise Johnstone