Ireland's economic woes are far from over ( Melbourne Age Sat 11th Dec 2010 -

Nov 15 2010

When a man is about to lose everything, he often resorts to drastic measures.
We arrived in Ireland in early 2009 when the Irish economy had virtually come to a standstill over night and the pain for the Irish people was just beginning to be applied. Things were tough then but they are ever getting worse.
The cause of it all was the preceding decade of ample and cheap credit where Irish banks lent freely and without attention to the associated risks. This resulted in a real estate bubble which burst. Ireland needed a 60 BILLION dollar injection from Europe to survive. And now it needs more!
In our new novel 'Lover Husband Father Monster'which is set in Dublin in that time, Stuart is distracted because his company is in trouble. He has a huuge development on the go out at Tallaght and the money has stopped overnight, leaving him and his investors in a precarious position. It was disasterous for his public and self image.
His wife's Facebook romance with her rediscovered girlhood lover progresses to the real thing and he is about to lose everything. A recipe for disaster!
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