Sep 20 2010

"Ireland's Finance Minister has strongly rejected reports that the country could be forced to turn to the International Monetry Fund (IMF) and European Union (EU) for emergency funding." (Angela Monaghan, Melbourne Age,Mon 20th Sept)

LoverHusbandFatherMonster is set in Ireland about the time of the economic melt down. The money stopped overnight and projects came to a halt, cranes left standing on the sites where they had been working, as it was cheaper to leave them there rather than store them. People were told on Friday that their jobs were gone and would not be there the following Monday. Teachers, minor public servants and nurses took pay cuts, but not the Government and the Judiciary. It was terrible. The little people paid for the sins of the big boys.
At the same time revelations were being made about the corruption and abuse within the Catholic church. This had all been covered up by Ireland's Holy Trinity, the Church, the Judiciary and the Government, very often all run by the same families. The good people of Ireland were disgusted.

"I was packing the groceries in the boot of the car and she came up and stood in front of me and said, ' Hello Jennifer, I see from the new Audi you're driving that your dirty, low-down, thieving husband didn't take his own advice and invest his money out there at Tallaght like he advised us to do. He has left us with nothing!"

I stopped what I was doing and straightened myself up and said, ' Well, I'm sorry to hear that Edna, but he had money in it, don't you worry. And after all, your husband is a banker! So who got us all into this mess in the first place? If I could get my hands on him he and his banker mates would be singing in high C, and most of Ireland would be supporting me. So tell your dirty, low-down,thieving husband that!' I slammed down the boot, turned on my heel and returned the trolley to its cage.
(LoverHusbandFatherMonster, page 155,,