Holidays can be Hell on a Stick for a Control Freak

Dec 14 2010
Holidays can be Hell on a Stick for a Control Freak

For most of us Christmas is a happy , if somewhat stressful time, but for families where the love has gone out the back window it can be terrible.
The stress of being together with extended family can take a relationship to breaking point. The same can be said about family holidays. They don't always go to plan.
In our book 'Lover Husband Father Monster' Stuart cannot cope with the lack of structure at holiday time because he is a control freak and, when away from home and work, he is not entirely in control of things. His wife Jenny protects the children from his unreasonable expectations by taking them off on activities and leaving him to read and email in peace.
"Fair enough', you might say, "he's had a tough year at work and deserves some 'me' time."
Sometimes you have to do things in a family group that don't exactly suit, but our Stuart lacked that flexibility. Little things like this built and built until that dreadful day when he just blew his stack. The consequences were horrible.
A great holiday read for men and women. Do you see little bits of yourself in either Stuart or Jennifer?
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