Greetings from Queensland-raining one day, sodden the next

Jan 13 2011

I haven’t yet finished the book, but hey, where I've got to is fantastic, and I’m taking five minutes out to tell you so.
I’m into Stu's story and finding the whole novel somewhat unnerving if not painful because I think I've seen too many Stus and Jennifers in my lifetime.
I was on tenterhooks as Jennifer's story came to an end, and simply couldn’t validate her decision to leave the marriage. But maybe I'm the sort of gutless bastard who could never walk out on a relationship like that?
We had a woman and her two kids stay with us some years ago after her estranged husband threatened violence. He was a former rugby star; she was a nurse cum self-confessed beauty queen. He even came around here demanding money from her when we were sheltering her. Unfortunately, it’s a story that is being played out every day, next door and down the street.
Here's a novel that is a great read for someone like me who is an obsessive reader of fact. In some respects I am dreading the outcome of the tale. I will convey my thoughts when I complete the read.
The two writing styles engage me very easily and things move along at a good pace. It’s one of those rare gems of books that you just can’t put down.

Mike Vandekalen (Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia)