Forget-me-nots remind me of my Irish friends

Oct 10 2010
Forget-me-nots remind me of my Irish friends

In Australia the footy is over at last, the sun is shining, we do night require heating at night and spring has sprung. Of course we all like to head out to the garden which has been laying neglected for the past three months since autumn and, from there to the nursery to buy seedlings.
The salad vegetables are in the ground, the shrubbery has all been cleaned up and next week we will oil the garden furniture in anticipation of all the BBQ’s and fun times with family and friends we will have around the pool.
In the general cleanup I rescued a hanging basket that had spent the winter swinging languidly from a tree. When I investigated its contents I found them to be dear little forget-me-nots. They had been planted by the Irish couple we had swapped our house with in 2009 while we wrote our book which was set in Dublin, Ireland. The shy, little, perfectly shaped blue and yellow flowers peeped out from the foliage and said ‘there’s someone you should not forget.’
My first thought was of my Irish friends and their family, how could I forget them when they had left me forget-me-nots? What a lovely thing to do!