Family violence can end in tragedy

Sep 21 2010
Family violence can end in tragedy

I applaud Sally Burleigh for standing up to her bully ex-husband, actor Steve Bisley and taking him to court. (The Melbourne Herald Sun, Sept 21st 2010) She brought the truth about their relationship out into the open and exposed him, making him take the responsibility for his actions. Too often women blame themselves, feel embarrassed and hide their situation from the world. Congratulations also to Magistrate Jane Culver who, when sentencing Bisley acknowledged that it was important to deter others from domestic violence as it rips families and communities apart.
When Elsie and Graeme Johnstone first arrived in Ireland in 2009 controversy was raging about a case that was before the courts at the time about a well respected man who murdered his wife in front of his three children. At home in Australia we had left outrage towards a father who had thrown his four year old daughter over one of the main bridges over the Yarra River below, killing her. In the previous decade there had been other instances of fathers doing terrible things to their own children in order to gain revenge on wayward wives.
What could make a man do such a thing? How could it come to this? Where did the responsibility lay for these dreadful crimes? ‘ LoverHusbandFatherMonster – in Two Voices’ by Graeme and Elsie Johnstone takes this issue and examines it inside of two minds, that of the man and that of the woman. Although the story is universal it is set against the backdrop of the southern suburbs of Dublin and the period of the demise of the Celtic Tiger.
(LoverHusbandFatherMonster,, Amazon)