Deniliquin, Southern Riverina district of N.S.W.

Apr 13 2011
 Deniliquin, Southern Riverina district of N.S.W.

We have just come back from the pretty little township of Deniliquin on the Edward River, an anabranch of the mighty Murray in New South Wales, where we read to a joint meeting of the Lions and Rotary Clubs. They get together a couple of times a year as they all live and work in one community and often work on the same charitable projects together.
It was the turn of our host Garry Baker, the President of Rotary and Managing Director of the local newspaper, to arrange the speaker (in our case speakers) for the evening. He engaged us and we are glad he did, for the country hospitality was warm and inviting. By now we have honed our presentation and believe that it is engaging, so we hope we didn't let him down.
Why Deniliquin? The answer is simple. Early on, just after we had obtained our distributor, we received the returns for the first month's sales. They were very thin on the ground, most books being bought by our supportive bookshops in Gippsland who knew us from Elsie's previous book, 'Our Little Town, Growing up in Lakes Entrance'. However, the one adventurous bookseller who didn't know us personally and who ordered a couple of copies for his store was the Deniliquin man, so we approached the local paper, 'The Deniliquin Pastoral Times' and asked would he like us to send a book for review. We added a post script asking if he would be able to tell us who was President of any of the service Clubs.
Garry wrote back saying 'yes' he would love a book and 'yes' he did know the president of the Rotary Club. It was him! And he'd love us to come and talk. Also would we like a bed for the night as it was a long way to come? Now that's true hospitality because he didn't know us from a bar of soap. Who knows what bad habits we may have had!
So that's what we did and we feel as if we have made at least two new friends, Garry and his wife Pat who made us feel right at home.
It's certainly a small world because we found out that Garry was founding Editor of the Lakes Entrance Post, the little town in 'Our Little Town', so we had lots in common.