Climbing Rope Ladders

Aug 5 2011

It is 46 weeks and nineteen hours since we launched this website to tell the world about our book, 'Lover Husband Father Monster'.
We have spent the time out there talking about it, promoting it and signing it. We know it's an excellent read; all the feedback has been more than positive; people tell us they are up reading on until the early hours because they just can't put it down and go to sleep.
But has it all been worth the effort?
Who knows?
We have had fun along the way, met some wonderful people and enjoyed travelling around Australia, revisiting some places and seeing others for the first time.
To borrow from Emerson John Probst when he wrote about the small publishing venture that he had put his total creative and physical being into over two decades.
" I could whole-heartedly brag about being energetic throughout the whole of my career, but I guess the same could be said of a squirrel that’s about to be squashed by a speeding car."
('One Misfit Publisher’s Lament' by Emerson John Probst)
Wonderful stuff!