Christopher Johnstone - New Writer for Johnstone Clan

Jul 7 2011
Christopher Johnstone - New Writer for Johnstone Clan

I have just bought an eCopy of my son's new novel, 'Aquatic Grunge'. I haven't read it yet, and will freely admit that it is not the type of book that I would usually buy and read. The blurb says "Kelvin has found a place where he belongs; the ocean. He excels in his vocation as a sea cucumber diver. When the captain dies, revealing a huge stash of illicit substances, join Kelvin and the remaining crew in their quest to return to Cairns. Death, drugs, sex, mermaids and the spectre of Robert Palmer all feature in this page scrolling epic. Aquatic Grunge: A new novel, a new genre."
Too much drugs, sex and rock and roll for my taste!
However, I am proud of the fact that Chris has joined a long line of Johnstones who are, or have been writers and story tellers. In the beginning, there was Christopher Johnstone, patriarch, who established country newspapers and radio stations. He was followed by Aubrey, Mervyn and Maurice who operated and ran those and other newspapers. Graeme, Mervyn's son, followed in his father's footsteps to become a much respected Melbourne journalist, wordsmith and author.
Now young Christopher is sprouting his stuff and, waiting in the wings is his nephew, young Iluka Hobbs whose favourite past time is to draw pictures as he relates the stories that go with them. He tells me his ambition is to be a cartoonist.
So congratulations and well done, Chris. May this novel be the first step in a long and joyous career in writing.