A child is born to us....

Dec 24 2010

Christmas is a pagan celebration when the world rejoices in the birth of a baby that is born to be sacrificed, a child with no hope or no future. Like any baby born anywhere in the world today, Jesus had no say in his destiny, it was decided for him at conception. He was born to poor parents in a place where the animals were kept, Joseph was not his biological father and his real father had already signed his death warrant. He was to suffer and die in horrible and demeaning circumstances when he was still a young man. His mother had already consented to that.
All peoples of the world celebrate the birth of any baby because new life brings joy, promise and hope.
No doubt Mary and Joseph looked on their newborn son that night with unconditional love and hope for the future. They would have wanted for him something better than what they themselves had, and most of all they would have wanted him to be a happy, decent and fulfilled human being, to live his life in peace and to pass on their genes, hopes and aspirations to the next generation.
A child can't choose its parents, its status or the country and circumstance in which it is born. Some children are lucky, some are doomed to a life of suffering and despair. It just doesn't seem fair!
In the book 'Lover Husband Father Monster', Baby Molly was welcomed into the Hoare family with joy and love and her parents looked forward to the unfolding of her potential. Nobody accounted for her ultimate destiny; like Jesus, that was in the hands of her father.
Merry Christmas to all our readers.