A child is born to us....

Dec 24 2010

Christmas is a pagan celebration when the world rejoices in the birth of a baby that is born to be sacrificed, a child with no hope or no future. Like any baby born anywhere in the world today, Jesus had no say in his destiny, it was decided for him at conception. He was born to poor parents in a place where the animals were kept, Joseph was not his biological father and his real father had already signed his death warrant. He was to suffer and die in horrible and demeaning circumstances when he was still a young man. His mother had already consented to that.

Melbourne Age Promotes 'Lover Husband Father Monster' as a good holiday read.

Dec 22 2010

We were really pleased to see that Melbourne's Age newspaper has suggested that our book is a good one to take on holiday with you for a great read (Sunday Age, Dec 12th, 2010) We are honoured to be chosen by the Age editors to receive this recommendation. 'The Age' is considered a must read newspaper by discerning Melbourians so we are pretty chuffed to be in there. You can be discerning also - all you have to do is read our book as you lie on the beach.

Holidays can be Hell on a Stick for a Control Freak

Dec 14 2010
Holidays can be Hell on a Stick for a Control Freak

For most of us Christmas is a happy , if somewhat stressful time, but for families where the love has gone out the back window it can be terrible.
The stress of being together with extended family can take a relationship to breaking point. The same can be said about family holidays. They don't always go to plan.

At all book stores

Dec 12 2010

Lover Husband Father Monster, by Elsie Johnstone & Graeme Johnstone, is distributed by Dennis Jones & Associates and available at all book stores.

How Could Any Man Do Such a Thing?

Nov 26 2010
How Could Any Man Do Such a Thing?

Yesterday in Melbourne Australia a little child was burried.
She had been murdered - stabbed by her own father.
Imagine? The poor excuse for a man had plunged a knife into her little two year old body over twenty times.
How could he do that?
What had she ever done to deserve that?
Why did he do it?
'Lover Husband Father Monster' tells a story of a man, his wife and their individual responses to what had become a loveless marriage.

Rekindling an Old Romance on Facebook

Nov 22 2010
Rekindling an Old Romance on Facebook

Rekindling an Old Romance on Facebook

Things go from bad to worse in Ireland

Nov 20 2010
Things go from bad to worse in Ireland

Ireland is bringing Europe to the brink and I am sure the Irish Government, the Irish bankers and the ordinary Irish people do not all view the financial meltdown in the same manner. Ultimately it is the common people who suffer. Even though they may have taken part in the hooley that was the Celtic Tiger, it was not of their making.
Let's put the blame where it really lies - the excessive and unfettered lending by the banks and financiers and the poor government regulation. It seems unfair that the innocent suffer, but that is what happens.

Ireland's economic woes are far from over ( Melbourne Age Sat 11th Dec 2010 -

Nov 15 2010

When a man is about to lose everything, he often resorts to drastic measures.
We arrived in Ireland in early 2009 when the Irish economy had virtually come to a standstill over night and the pain for the Irish people was just beginning to be applied. Things were tough then but they are ever getting worse.

GABE WATSON – Honeymoon killer. Is he a Lover, Husband or Monster. Does he merit protection by the state?

Nov 11 2010
GABE WATSON – Honeymoon killer.  Is he a  Lover, Husband or Monster.  Does he merit protection by the state?

Just released today from prison ‘honeymoon killer’ Gabe Watson served a measly 18 months term for the murder of his wife while the couple were on their diving honeymoon in the Whitsundays, Australia. Christina Mae Watson, also known as Tina was a 26-year- old American woman from Alabama, USA who died in 2003, only eleven days into her marriage. Six years later, her husband, Gabe Watson was returned to Austalia to be tried and found guilty of manslaughter. He was sent to prison. Just six weeks later he appealed and six months was added to his sentence bringing it to eighteen months.

It was a grand read. I read it over two days. I just simply couldn't put it down.

Oct 27 2010

I am an Irish Australian having lived here since the early seventies. I heard about your book from my daughter's friend and picked it up at Dimmocks in Southland yesterday. I read all night and have finished it. Now I just need time to reflect and to go back and compare the two voices. Even though I recognise that Jenny is a bit of a flipperty jibbert, I haven't much sympathy for Stuart. He is not a nice man.