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Feb 2 2011

There are many self publishing houses on the internet, some of them just opportunistic printers, some who make their money through value adding their evaluating, editing or marketing services and a few who take you through the process of publishing your book and are more of the real deal. Be warned that nothing in this whole wide world is for free and most of the above simply print your book, send you a certain number of copies and then you are on your own.

Self Publishing – The Journey

Jan 30 2011
Self Publishing – The Journey

Writing and publishing a book is never easy. That’s why so many people think they can do it and so few people actually do. Often I hear the tale of a book that has been ten years in the making and which I instinctively know will never see the light of day. The intention is there, but the drive to see the project to fruition is somehow lacking. Books don’t publish themselves.
Well done if, over the past twelve months, you have managed to put together the thirty five chapters, each of three thousand well chosen words which will be the building blocks of your masterpiece.

Women Pay the Price.

Jan 24 2011

The Irish people have a right to be mightily peeved about the economic situation the country finds itself in.
No doubt that all over the tiny island families are in economic crises because Bertie Ahern, his family and friends ran the country to suit themselves, and then when things went pear shaped, they scampered, leaving the hapless Brian Cohen and his merry band of men to try unsuccessfully to unscramble the mess. They were not up to the task. Ireland's political fathers have failed them.

A Few Random Thoughts

Jan 20 2011
A Few Random Thoughts

It has been a bloody long time since I have reviewed a book -July 1969 in my second attempt at passing English 3 was probably the last time.

Anyway, the following are a few random thoughts.

There is a wonderful juxtaposition both of the personalities of Jobby (Jennifer Mary O'Brien) and Stu and of their respective views of the world, and your choice of the two voices structure of the novel.

Despite being a male, I share many similar personality traits with Jobby so I can relate easily to her and her perceptions.

It is true to say that you never really know what goes on behind closed doors!

Jan 18 2011

As I have two young children I don't get the chance to read as much as I would like but on a recent vacation to Sydney I took the book 'Lover Husband Father Monster' with me for a bit of holiday reading.
Having lived in Dublin for the past 12 years and having only fairly recently left (2 years ago) to move to Melbourne the topic of the book and the backdrop of which it is set against particularly interested me.

Doug and His Tug - A tribute to a hero in the Queensland floods

Jan 14 2011

Perched on the banks of a river
There sat a beautiful city
Glowing in the sun all day long
So clean, so bright, so pretty

But then the rains started pouring
On farms and homes far away
Soon the flood waters were roaring
Flowing fast down Brisbane way

Anxious residents were shocked
As rapidly their river did rise
And started to break its banks
They couldn’t believe their eyes

As boats broke from their moorings
And rocketed past in a wink
Followed by washers and stoves
And even an old kitchen sink

Chairs and logs and pontoons
Charged towards Moreton Bay

Life is a Series of Choices

Jan 14 2011
Life is a Series of Choices

Life is a series of choices, each one the building block that leads to new and subsequent choices. A good decision often opens the way for more and better options, and conversely, the same applies. When Jennifer chose to begin dialogue on Facebook with her former lover she opened a can of worms , the consequences of which she could never have imagined. Many people suffered because of her decision.

Greetings from Queensland-raining one day, sodden the next

Jan 13 2011

I haven’t yet finished the book, but hey, where I've got to is fantastic, and I’m taking five minutes out to tell you so.
I’m into Stu's story and finding the whole novel somewhat unnerving if not painful because I think I've seen too many Stus and Jennifers in my lifetime.
I was on tenterhooks as Jennifer's story came to an end, and simply couldn’t validate her decision to leave the marriage. But maybe I'm the sort of gutless bastard who could never walk out on a relationship like that?

Let's hope the year 2011 holds good things for everyone

Dec 31 2010
Let's hope the year 2011 holds good things for everyone

No-one knows what lies in front of us and, at the end of each year as we turn the calendar over, we don't even know whether we will be here to do it again next year. So let's make the most of each day as it comes and our wish to you is that 2011 will be a year to remember, that our loved ones stay safe and that we ourselves learn and grow. Happy New Year to everyone.

A child is born to us....

Dec 24 2010