Truth is really stranger than fiction! Bayside Literary Festival 2011

May 22 2011

Yesterday we had a very successful book signing at Dymocks, The Pines, in Doncaster East where we met some avid readers who can think of nothing better than a winter's afternoon in front of the fire with a good book.
Today, we took advantage of one of the many offerings flung up by the Bayside Literary Festival 2011, Stranger than Fiction.

When seeking revenge, remember to dig two graves (Confucius)

May 5 2011
When seeking revenge, remember to dig two graves (Confucius)

From Melbourne Herald Sun, Thurs May 5, 2011)

A MAN who today admitted murdering his two-year-old daughter posted a message on Facebook which read "Bout 2 kill ma kid'' just before he stabbed her with a massive Ninja-style knife.

Shortly afterwards, Ramazan “Ramzy'' Acar, 24, sent a text message to the toddler's mother Rachelle D'Argent which read “It's ova I did it''.

A magistrate heard today that he also posted another Facebook message which read “Pay bk u slut''.

We can all relate to this story

May 4 2011

It is interesting how people manage to make things their own.
By this I mean that service clubs, which are all based on the same charter, perform the same rituals at their meetings and serve their communities, raising funds for similar charities, all differ considerably, depending upon where they are located.
This week we have been busy with presentations.

Deniliquin, Southern Riverina district of N.S.W.

Apr 13 2011
 Deniliquin, Southern Riverina district of N.S.W.

We have just come back from the pretty little township of Deniliquin on the Edward River, an anabranch of the mighty Murray in New South Wales, where we read to a joint meeting of the Lions and Rotary Clubs. They get together a couple of times a year as they all live and work in one community and often work on the same charitable projects together.

Now for Some Acting Lessons!

Apr 8 2011

At present we are organizing our Writers' Tour of Australia which we will begin in June. We are happy to go almost anywhere as long as it fits into our schedule, so feel free to request that we speak to your club or community group.

Book Signing a Real Buzz

Apr 3 2011

Just come back from a very successful book signing at Dymocks Book Store in Southland Shopping Centre.
It was a real buzz.
The excellent review that we received in last week’s Saturday Herald Sun Books Section generated positive interest and quite a few people came armed with that and wanting to buy a book.
People from our past lives came to buy and wish us luck. For example, there was Maree, who was receptionist at our local doctor’s when our children were little and there was Margaret who was my colleague when I taught special kids. It is always good to see old friends.

Little Girl's Mum Kept her Pain and Anguish to Herself

Mar 30 2011
Little Girl's Mum Kept her Pain and Anguish to Herself

by Adrian Lowe & Andrea Petrie, Melbourne Age, 29/03/2011

THROUGHOUT the 12 days Peta Barnes has been in the Supreme Court, she has given little indication of the inner turmoil she has endured for just over two years.

The loss she has suffered will remain with her for the rest of her life.

Unlike many witnesses who entered court 11 over the two-week trial, who struggled to maintain their composure when questioned about her little girl's death, Ms Barnes gave little away.

Life Imitates Art and Vice Versa

Mar 30 2011
Life Imitates Art and Vice Versa

(Herald Sun Newspaper Melbourne 30/03/2001)

Mostly, he stared with wide eyes, like a zoo exhibit who could not grasp how he’d arrived where he was.
For 35 years, until January 29, 2009, “Ardie” was considered “harmless”. He was an IT geek who had shone as a database administrator in London.
He played tennis weekly. He kept busy, with bike rides and tinkering, as he always had as a boy. There were beers and skiing trips in a life led, from school onwards, under the radar. Ordinariness was his thing.

Ardie Monster - Verdict is guilty

Mar 29 2011
Ardie Monster - Verdict is guilty

The jury last night delivered its verdict, Arthur Freeman is guilty. His nickname at school was Ardie Monster. The man is a monster.
Read more:-

Review (Herald Sun Newspaper, Sat , 26th March, 2011) COUPLE RIDES THE ROLLER COASTER OF LIFE.

Mar 28 2011

This review was published last Saturday. We are very happy at the verdict "engrossing". Here is the transcript of the text.

Family dysfunction has been told thousands of times through biographies and fiction.
But in ‘Lover Husband Father Monster’, Melbourne’s Elsie and Graeme Johnstone have captured the different aspects of human weakness in a gripping, emotion-charged story.
While house-sitting in Ireland, the Johnstones researched and wrote an unforgettable story about Jennifer and Stuart, an Irish couple who ride the rollercoaster of life.