Climbing Rope Ladders

Aug 5 2011

It is 46 weeks and nineteen hours since we launched this website to tell the world about our book, 'Lover Husband Father Monster'.
We have spent the time out there talking about it, promoting it and signing it. We know it's an excellent read; all the feedback has been more than positive; people tell us they are up reading on until the early hours because they just can't put it down and go to sleep.
But has it all been worth the effort?
Who knows?

Glenn Barndon Interview - ABC Radio Geraldton

Jul 26 2011

Dita Jevons Interview - Radio Fremantle

Jul 26 2011

Hard Copy or eBook?

Jul 15 2011

Dear Graeme & Elsie,
Congratulations on your publication of Lover Husband Father Monster, it was compelling reading for me and a book I would certainly recommend. I wish you all the very best and hope the sale of the book will exceed =
your expectations. GOOD LUCK!
Apart from wanting to send my hearty congratulations there is also a query if you don't mind. I have just finalised a manuscript but have been doing some research on =

Christopher Johnstone - New Writer for Johnstone Clan

Jul 7 2011
Christopher Johnstone - New Writer for Johnstone Clan

I have just bought an eCopy of my son's new novel, 'Aquatic Grunge'. I haven't read it yet, and will freely admit that it is not the type of book that I would usually buy and read. The blurb says "Kelvin has found a place where he belongs; the ocean. He excels in his vocation as a sea cucumber diver. When the captain dies, revealing a huge stash of illicit substances, join Kelvin and the remaining crew in their quest to return to Cairns. Death, drugs, sex, mermaids and the spectre of Robert Palmer all feature in this page scrolling epic. Aquatic Grunge: A new novel, a new genre."

Revenge Attack - Father Jailed for Killing Toddler

Jul 6 2011

Ramazan Kerem Acar, 24, stabbed his daughter to death last November after he had posted this message on his Facebook page. ''Bout 2 kill ma kid. Pay bk u slut".
In sentencing Justice Elizabeth Curtain described his actions as ''chilling and horrific", carried out by a jealous, spiteful and revengeful man.

Tassie Has It All

Jul 1 2011

Little Tasmania, perched precariously in the Southern Ocean with only the underpinnings of the Tasman Bridge preventing it from sailing south to Antarctica, has absolutely everything going for it.
The place is bloody terrific. This week we have traversed it from east to west and from south to north. We are in awe at its beauty and majesty, its pristine environment with its clear running streams, clean air and crisp winter days.

Queensland is a great place to do a writer's tour!

Jun 27 2011
Queensland is a great place to do a writer's tour!

We had been to Queensland many times because it is the best place for a family holiday. There is so much to do and the weather is as they say, 'beautiful one day, perfect the next.'
However, we had always stayed in the tourist spots near the beaches at Surfers Paradise, the Sunshine Coast and in and around Cairns.
This time, we visited other places and were thrilled with what we saw and experienced.
A stand out was truly our couple of days in the Glass House Mountains staying at the GlassHouse Ecolodge under Mount Tibrogargan.

Dita Jevons(Fremantle Radio) Interviews Graeme and Elsie Johnstone about Lover Husband Father Monster

Jun 13 2011

Dita Jevons had read and had enjoyed the book tremendously, and so had great insights into the characters and in the way they behaved. Here is some of what she said:
'An unusual work divided into two parts. In the first part Elsie writes the wife's story and in the second, Graeme tells the same story from the man's view point.
It is a thrilling psychological drama that allows the reader to examine psychological
effects and to decide what went wrong.'

Great to be in the West

Jun 10 2011
Great to be in the West

Western Australia has it all - sunshine, prosperity and happy, smiling people.
We were there last week to promote the book and I must say it was a pleasure.
Mary and Ross, my sister and her hubby were our indulgent hosts, couldn't have made us more comfortable or fed us any better. Their three beautiful daughters were a delight as always. It is a very busy household with all three still in the education system and studying for end of semester exams, but there is always time to talk, and talk we did. About everything!