Ma's Garden - New Novel for Elsie Johnstone

Apr 5 2012
Ma's Garden - New Novel for Elsie Johnstone

I am excited because the novel I have spent the last 18 months working on is about to be published. At present it is with Shelley, our talented cover designer, and as soon as she is finished we will be ready to go.
The title may sound like it is a gardening book but that is not the case.
Ma's Garden is a metaphor for new beginnings, growth and development.

What Makes a Man Do It?

Feb 26 2012

Kate Kyriacou's excellent article in the Brisbane Advertiser, February 24, 2012 tries to make some sense of the ultimate act of revenge.

IT was dark outside when Danielle Lees woke and reached for her mobile phone.

It had only been hours since she last saw him, but something made her dial her husband to see if everything was OK.

George Ivanoff's Blog- An Interview with Graeme and Elsie Johnstone

Feb 9 2012

George Ivanoffis a well known Australian author who has written over fifty books for young adults.


His blog begins:

Author's Research and Psychologist's Research Coincide

Feb 4 2012

Adele Horin (The Melbourne Age, Feb 4th 2012) writes, "A new study explores what drives parents to do the unthinkable." New research has shown that men are more likely to kill their children to extract revenge from a former partner, than for any other reason. The type of man who would do this is more likely to be controlling with a strong sense of entitlement.
Sounds remarkably like Stuart Hoare! What do you think?

Read more:

Congratulations Elsie! Stringybark Award.

Dec 29 2011
Congratulations Elsie! Stringybark Award.

This is the short story that won 2nd Prize in the 2011 Stringybark History Short Story Competition.


Foot Steps in the Dark


The green and yellow tramcar rattled its way down Victoria Avenue to the beach on its last journey for the day.  It spewed out its three remaining passengers, all of them men, who disappeared into the gloomy obscurity of wartime blackouts.  

Hobart Mercury Review

Oct 29 2011

Domestic bliss not all as it seems


As the authors readily admit, this book was influenced by recent media and court reports of several high-profile marital conflicts that have had disastrous outcomes.

The setting is contemporary Ireland, which in itself is in economic and social turmoil, but the events could and have occurred anywhere. While the story is in no way unique, the telling is dramatically different from most.

We have birthed the eBook. Her Story free! His Story only $3.99

Sep 14 2011
We have birthed the eBook.  Her Story free!  His Story only $3.99

The eBook version of Lover Husband Father Monster is now available from

For Her Story (FREE)

and if you want to know what happened then:-

For His Story ($3.99)

The cover of the eBook. Great isn't it?

Sep 14 2011
The cover of the eBook.  Great isn't it?

Shelley Schadowsky does fantastic covers.
It is nearly one year since we released our novel. You would think that by this time it would have made a name for itself, but it seems that twelve months on and we are still out there helping with the birthing process.
It's a great read, everyone tells us so.

Making Lover Husband Father Monster into eBook Format

Aug 28 2011

We promised ourselves that we would devote this twelve months to promoting our book ‘Lover Husband Father Monster,’ and as 2011 enters its final trimester, we can happily say that we have done that so far. We have travelled all over Oz doing radio interviews and book signings, spoken to many service clubs and done our best to launch our baby into the big bad world.
Before we leave it to sink or swim on its merits, we have decided as one last effort, to enter the digital age and make an eBook out of it.

Stringy Bark Short Story Competition for Australian Writers

Aug 7 2011

Accolades for Elsie this week when she received an honourable mention in this years Stringybark Short Story Competition. Her story was entitled 'At the End of the Day'.
Originally she wrote this piece as an epilogue for the novel she is at present working on entitled, 'Ma's Garden', but it didn't work in with the way the story panned out.
It is based on truth, but has strayed somewhat in the telling. Graeme's grand mother, Ma Johnstone did have three brothers killed in three months in the first world war.
Have a read and see what you think.

At the End of the Day