Ireland Still Suffering

Sep 27 2010
Ireland Still Suffering

Ireland looks like it will have to pay even more for the money it borrows.
Stockbrokers said Ireland is likely to pay a slightly higher interest rate in an auction with a sale of up to €1.5 billion worth of bonds.
Fine Gael's finance spokesman Michael Noonan said the higher costs are being fuelled by political instability and a growing lack of confidence in the Government's economic plan.
"There is a growing lack of confidence domestically and internationally that this Government knows what it is doing when it comes to fixing the banking sector and the wider economy,” he said.

Council to give domestic violence victims an extra 20 days paid leave per year

Sep 24 2010
Council to give domestic violence victims an extra 20 days paid leave per year

Surf Council to give Battered Women Twenty Days Paid Leave per Year
(Melbourne Age, Friday 24th September, 2010)
It’s simply putting on bandaids (a) because it will be confidential so the woman takes the burden of shame instead of it resting where it rightly should, squarely on the perpetrators shoulders and (b) It will only perpetuate the violence because life will go on unchanged. There is no cause and effect. The basher will get off scot free while the woman hides her black eye and swollen ribs and he won’t even suffer a loss of gambling or drinking income.

Family violence can end in tragedy

Sep 21 2010
Family violence can end in tragedy

I applaud Sally Burleigh for standing up to her bully ex-husband, actor Steve Bisley and taking him to court. (The Melbourne Herald Sun, Sept 21st 2010) She brought the truth about their relationship out into the open and exposed him, making him take the responsibility for his actions. Too often women blame themselves, feel embarrassed and hide their situation from the world. Congratulations also to Magistrate Jane Culver who, when sentencing Bisley acknowledged that it was important to deter others from domestic violence as it rips families and communities apart.


Sep 20 2010

"Ireland's Finance Minister has strongly rejected reports that the country could be forced to turn to the International Monetry Fund (IMF) and European Union (EU) for emergency funding." (Angela Monaghan, Melbourne Age,Mon 20th Sept)

Facebook to blame for up to 20% of divorces

Sep 2 2010

The social networking revolution has broken into your bedroom and is sleeping with your husband.

Research shows that 20% of divorce petitions mention 'facebook' in the reasons for a failed marriage. The blurring between online and 'real' life has been blamed for many relationship breakdowns.

People are not only making new connections online, they are also rekindling old romances and looking up high school sweethearts.

An Interview with the Authors

Aug 20 2010
An Interview with the Authors

It was Kevin who was to be with me on that awful day that would change my life irrevocably. He was the unwitting witness to the terrible thing that would forever have both of us unable to close our eyes at night for fear that we would relive it once again in the narrow isthmus between consciousness and sleep.
- Lover Husband Father Monster, 2010

Graeme, Elsie, thank you for your time. Can you give me a quick rundown on what the story is about?

Lover Husband Father Monster

Aug 19 2010

Marriage is a beautiful, precious institution. It is also very fragile. Elsie and Graeme Johnstone’s story shows how a series of events can shatter a relationship.

Lover Husband Father Monster traces the fragmentation of a well-intentioned marriage through to its irretrievable breakdown and chilling ending.

Set in Ireland and told in two voices - his and hers – it tells the story of Jennifer and Stuart, who meet at a time when they both feel marriage and parenthood has all but passed them by.